Coffee and Voice Amplifiers?

Hi there!

Welcome to our blog. I wanted to start off by posting a quick introduction to who we are and why our name is so.. unique. This blog was collectively started by first year foundations students Abbey, Ashley, Natalie, and Melissa; our  goal being to share our two cents on what we’ve learned about how to succeed in certain aspect of college.

While creating this platform, we were stuck on a creative, roll-off-the-tongue yet right to the point name. We came up with “When you give caffeine a microphone”; a unique yet completely accurate description of what our blog would become. As college students ourselves, we know too well the feeling of an 8am class and working into early hours of the morning completing assignments. Caffeine is a way of life for many, so why hide it? The fact is we are all destined to be successful and determined to achieve our goals, so where’s the shame in a little caffeinated assistance?

We’re really excited to start this project and we hope some good comes out of it all. Thanks for stopping by!